What is Cocoon Insights? 

The COCOON CAM Subscription Service, called Cocoon Insights, offers you the ultimate peace of mind as you care for your baby. Cocoon Insights delivers our proprietary real time breathing graph, as well as breathing monitoring, Instant Alerts, Swaddle Stories, and more. 

COCOON CAM offers a generous free 6-month trial period of Cocoon Insights with your purchase of the monitoring System.

If you choose not to renew your subscription after your 6-month trial period ends, then your COCOON CAM System will still function as a regular high quality baby monitor, with HD Video, Automatic Night Vision, and Streaming Audio. You can renew your subscription at any time, on an annual or month-to-month basis. 

Why is there a subscription fee? 

COCOON CAM's revolutionary "always-on" respiration monitoring system checks your baby's breathing while he or she is in the crib, without the use of any wearable devices or mattress pads. To do this, we use advanced computer vision technology, which requires heavy computing horsepower. Because all of these calculations happen in the cloud, your subscription helps us to cover the computing costs of processing video and performing these complex calculations in near-real-time. 

The subscription fee allows you to continue to receive breathing monitoring, graphs and insights regarding your baby's breathing. In the future, as we add other measurements such as temperature, humidity, etc., will also be included as part of your Cocoon Insights subscription. 




Stay connected to your baby, no matter where life takes you!

Subscribe now and get a full additional year of Cocoon Insights, including:

  • Breathing Monitoring
  • Breathing Graph
  • Instant Alerts
  • Activity Log
  • Swaddle Stories
  • Automatic Feature Updates via the smartphone App

Our best value is the Annual Plan, at only $99 (or $8.25 per month, when billed annually). 

If you prefer to subscribe on a month to month basis, choose the Monthly Plan. You'll still get access to all the great features of your Cocoon Insights subscription, without any long term commitment. $12.99/month. 



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