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What is included with Cocoon Cam? 

The Cocoon Cam standard package includes:

(1) Wifi-enabled HD wireless Video Camera (720p) with Night Vision and Two-Way Audio

(1) AC power cord

(1) ethernet cable (may be used in setup, depending on your home Wifi)

(1) mounting kit including two screws and drywall anchors


  • Mobile App download, available for iPhone, iPad or Android
  • FREE 6-month subscription to Cocoon Cam Insights 
  • FREE Cocoon Alerts included with your subscription


Can I buy an extra camera? 

Yes! Additional cameras are available for purchase if you wish to use one elsewhere in the home, or at a caregiver's location.

Are batteries required?

No. Batteries are not required for Cocoon Cam. The Cocoon Cam camera comes with a power cord that plugs directly into the wall near baby's crib. The receiver portion of the Cocoon Cam is actually your existing smartphone, via the app, so there's nothing to charge, nothing extra to carry around with you, and no batteries to buy or install. 

Where can I install Cocoon Cam in my home?

You can use Cocoon Cam in any location within your home, where you have a good connection to a 2.4Ghz wireless internet signal. 

Can I access the the app and the video feed outside my home?

Yes, after successful setup, Cocoon Cam can be accessed over any internet connection. You can view the live video, analysis graphs, and even continue to receive notifications as long as you are connected to the internet. 



Is setup and installation complicated?

We've worked hard to make installation and setup a breeze!

Your Cocoon Cam camera installs neatly above baby's crib in just 5 minutes with just two screws.  The included mounting kit is for drywall walls; if you are mounting the camera onto wood or plaster walls, you may need to utilize different anchors to ensure safe mounting.

Here is a quick guide to the proper setup of your Cocoon Cam camera: 

Please note that the included Ethernet cable is 1.5 meters (approximately 5 feet), which is the ideal distance the camera lens should be positioned from your baby. You can use the Ethernet cable as a handy measuring tool as you are planning your installation of the camera.

Proper mounting is ESSENTIAL to the correct operation of the Cocoon Cam system! Our computer vision technology is super smart, but if it can't see your baby well, it won't work right. Please do not place the camera on a shelf, on top of furniture, etc. It must be wall mounted to function optimally. 

The goal is to get all four corners of the crib within view of the camera, so be sure to angle the camera down toward the crib. Look at that cute smile!

The goal is to get all four corners of the crib within view of the camera, so be sure to angle the camera down toward the crib. Look at that cute smile!

Once you've installed the app, follow the prompts to create a new account. Linking the camera and app to an account keeps your data secure and makes sure that you're the only one watching your baby.

PLEASE NOTE: The Quick Setup Guide in the box you receive may be outdated. We have since improved the setup process to seamlessly connect to the internet wirelessly. Please follow along with the mobile app for the most updated instructions.


Is there a video I can watch to help with setup?


Where can I download the App? 

The Cocoon Cam app is available for iOS and for Android smartphones. 
Download the iOS app here





Download the Android app here





Can more than one parent or caregiver download the App? 

Yes! Parents tell us that one of the best features of Cocoon Cam is that multiple people can download the app and monitor baby, either from home or far away. You can even encourage grandparents or other caregivers to log in and check on baby anytime. 

Is my family's personal information safe? 

We take security very seriously. Cocoon Cam is protected by 128-bit encryption, and processed securely in the cloud, so your baby's images and other information are not vulnerable to hackers or other attack. We have some of the best camera security features among all baby monitor cameras.

1. The streaming video is encrypted, so there is no way that hackers can tap into the feed.
2. Strong device passwords are enforced, and there is no way your device will be left with default passwords after it is set-up.
3. We use industry-standard high security software to ensure that our servers are secure 24/7.

Does the Cocoon Cam camera need to be plugged in all the time? 

Yes, the Cocoon Cam camera must stay connected to an AC power source (a regular wall outlet) in order to function. However, you no longer require the Ethernet cable for setup in most cases, and once you've completed setup, there will only be one cord connecting the camera to the outlet. 

Do I need to turn on the camera every time I want to monitor the baby?

No! You never need to power on or power off your camera.

The best part about Cocoon Cam's use of a mobile app is that gets smarter continuously through automatic software updates. With the newest app update, we have a setting that can automatically turn off your Cocoon Alerts™ when the baby is not in the crib.



What is the graph I am seeing at the bottom of the image?

You will notice a moving graph at the bottom of the live video feed of your baby. That is the graph of your baby's chest movement. You may want to adjust the threshold and sensitivity settings inside the app to get the most accurate readings. You can access these by clicking on the cogwheel button on the bottom left of the screen. Increase threshold if your camera is picking up too much "noise." Increase sensitivity if your graph isn't moving enough.  

How can I access the settings and see the breathing graph? 

If you are only seeing your baby, and not seeing the live breathing graph, tap once on the screen to see the graph and settings at the bottom. 

How can I make the graph and settings go away? I just want to see my baby!

Simply tap once on the screen to revert to full-screen video mode. This will give you a live feed of your baby in his crib. Tap again to see the graph and settings screen overlay below the video.

Why is the video black and white at night?

At night, most nurseries are kept fairly dark. That means there's not enough light present to provide a full color image, so the camera automatically switches to Night Vision mode, which displays in black and white. 



What is the subscription fee for?

Cocoon Cam's revolutionary "always-on" breathing monitor checks your baby's breathing while she is in her crib. The subscription fee (optional after the initial 6-month period) is required in order to receive the graphs and insights regarding your baby's breathing. In the future, other measurements such as temperature, humidity, etc., will also require a subscription to the app. Because all of the calculations and analysis happen in the cloud (not in the hardware or on your phone), we have server costs to maintain. The subscription helps us cover those costs each month. After the initial 6-month free subscription, the Cocoon Insights Subscription is $99 per year, or $12.99 per month. . 

Can I continue to use the camera if I choose not to pay the subscription fee? 

Yes. Both the live HD video and two-way audio will continue to work without the subscription. However, breathing graphs and insights will no longer be collected, or available. 




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