BEst baby monitor of 2017 

Just months after its introduction, Cocoon Cam has won multiple awards as 2017's Best Baby Monitor.

2017 National Parenting Center Seal of Approval

2017 Baby Maternity Magazine's Top Choice of the Year, Baby Monitor Category

2017 Creative Child Product of the Year

Here are 5 reasons why parents and review boards love Cocoon Cam--and why you will too! 


Breathing Monitoring

Our exclusive, patent-pending computer vision technology allows you to see a real-time graph showing the breathing rate of your baby. Whether baby is on her back, side or tummy, our algorithms can track the tiniest chest movements and alert you instantly if there's anything you need to check on.


Instant Alerts

Instant Alerts sent right to your smartphone or tablet mean you're never away from the monitor. Get notified whenever the software detects High Movement, Low Movement, Baby Out of Crib, and more. There's no extra device to carry around or keep charged up.


No Wearables

Nothing touches your baby's sensitive skin. Nothing to attach to baby's clothing, or place under the mattress. So there's nothing to attach to baby, and nothing that can become a potential hazard by being loose in the crib. 


Monitor From Anywhere

The Cocoon Cam monitor works anywhere you have a Wifi signal. That means infinite range. You're never too far away to check in on baby, whether you're down the hall, across town, or across the world. 


Grows With Baby

Automatic app updates mean that your Cocoon Cam Insights service is constantly improving. New content, analytics and features are released approximately once a month, so your Cocoon Cam monitor grows with your baby. Get 6 months of FREE Cocoon Cam Insights included with your purchase. 


* Your Cocoon Insights Subscription includes the Breathing Graph, Instant Alerts, Cocoon Insights, and much more. Extend your Insights for only $99 per year or $12.99/mo after your free trial period.