Monitor your child's breathing 24/7 with Cocoon Cam's revolutionary movement-tracking tech.

Our patent-pending technology can measure respiratory rate by tracking the chest movements of your baby. Through our app, you can receive smartphone notifications when your child needs attention, or check on them and their respiratory rate through the video live feed from any time and location.

Monitor Breathing Rate Using Chest Movement

Our camera watches chest movement to monitor breathing patterns and alert you of any irregularities.

With our technology, your child can be monitored by the camera's tracking of chest movement.  It can even track movements as subtle as breathing underneath layers of blanket.

No Potentially Hazardous Wearable Devices

Wearable devices pose a potential hazard to babies with sensitive skin or as choking hazards.

Unlike other advanced monitor systems, Cocoon Cam can monitor your baby’s health from a safe distance with no wearable devices necessary.

  Set it and forget it.

24/7 Video and Audio from Anywhere

Privately access the camera and vitals 24/7 from any location through the mobile app service.

The 720P HD video feedback of your child is accompanied by two-way audio so you can interact with your child anywhere.  

We provide not only you, but your child with a secure connection so you can both rest easy.

App Layout

Not only can you watch and hear your child, but our user-friendly app lets you detect your child's activity and chest movement patterns.

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