Your baby deserves it all

Cocoon Cam is the only baby monitor that gives you both vital sign monitoring and HD video.

Now you don't have to choose one or the other. You can see, hear and know that your baby is well. 



Cocoon Cam is the most advanced baby monitor in the world.

More than just a video monitor, Cocoon Cam connects to your smartphone or tablet and uses cutting-edge computer vision technology to deliver breathing monitoring, a near-real-time breathing graph, and instant alerts. Plus, you get all the benefits of an HD video monitor and two-way audio so you can see and hear your baby. All in a single system.

Our proprietary technology was developed with the help of doctors and has been validated in IRB-approved studies at UC San Diego and the NICU at Lucile Packard Children's Hospital Stanford.  

So you can trust it to keep your baby safe, healthy and sleeping well. 


 see baby breathing easy

Audio and video alone make it nearly impossible to tell if your baby is breathing normally. Checking on baby all through the night leaves you exhausted, and runs the risk of waking him.

Cocoon Cam's revolutionary breathing monitor changes all that.

Cocoon Cam uses computer vision to track even the smallest chest movements. It even works when baby is swaddled, or under a blanket.  

You get complete peace of mind, because you can see your baby, and see your baby's breathing patterns.  

Breathe easy, knowing baby is breathing easy.

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NoThing TouchES BABY

Wearables or mats may help track your baby's vital signs, but they also can create a potential hazard. 

Unlike other baby health monitors, Cocoon Cam is "no touch". We never use any wearable items like socks, diaper clips or mats that contact your baby's sensitive skin, clothing or bedding. 

With Cocoon Cam's contactless breathing monitoring, you never have to deal with skin irritations, waking baby to put a device onto her, or having loose items that are easy to lose or choke on.

Cocoon Cam is the only hospital tested, contactless, non-invasive baby breathing monitor available for home use. 




Your baby's monitor will never be out of reach again. 

Your baby's monitor will never be out of reach again. 


Cocoon Alerts instantly notify you whenever something changes in baby's environment. Because our Alerts work on your smartphone's notification settings, monitoring your baby is always within arm's reach. No extra monitors to carry around or keep charged up.


Monitor from Anywhere

The Cocoon Cam system works anywhere your phone has an internet connection, so you can stay connected to baby whether you're down the hall, across town, or miles away.

Parents tell us that one of the best features of Cocoon Cam is that multiple people can download the app and monitor baby, either from home or far away. You can even allow grandparents or other caregivers to log in and check on baby anytime with an invitation to the app. 

Watch baby sleeping, monitor her breathing, review last night's sleep cycles, or even sing her a lullaby over the two-way audio. You're never too far away from family. 







Cocoon Cam is the only baby monitor in the world to offer streaming audio that runs with the app minimized. It works just like your favorite music streaming services, so you can listen to baby or communicate with her while the app is running in the background.

There's no need to keep the Cocoon Cam app maximized. You're free to use your device for email, internet browsing, social media or work, while still keeping an ear on what's happening in the nursery. 

Your family is safe HERE

We take security very seriously at Cocoon Cam. Your information, including all images and analytics, is protected by powerful 128-bit encryption. 

Sleep data is processed securely in the cloud, so your baby's images and other information are not left vulnerable to hackers or other attack. 

We also enforce strong passwords so that your camera is protected.  

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Your Cocoon Cam 720p HD camera is simply and easily mounted above the crib in less than 5 minutes, and only weighs a bit over four ounces. We've also included cord management in our newest version of the packaging, to keep baby as safe as possible.

Cocoon Cam monitors your baby continuously throughout the day and night in crystal clear HD video. During the day, you get a beautiful full color picture, and in low light conditions like nighttime, the video feed displays in black and white night vision.

Additional cameras are also available for use in a secondary location such as daycare or a caregiver's home.

MUSICAL Stories, morning glories

With our brand-new Swaddle Stories, now you can review and share the highlights of your baby’s night.

Each morning, the Cocoon Cam app will automatically generate a short video that shows the highlights of baby’s sleep, overlaid with cheerful music. 

Share with family and friends right from the app, or download so you can edit or save them long-term.



Click the video to see a short preview.

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Breathe Easier.

Cocoon Cam






Welcome your new arrivaL

Get peace of mind with the world's most advanced baby monitor. The only no touch, non-invasive, 24/7 baby breathing monitor with HD video and 2-way audio.

Built for iOS and Android.

The Cocoon Cam standard package includes:

(1) Wifi-enabled HD wireless Video Camera (720p) with Night Vision and Two-Way Audio

(1) AC power cord

(1) ethernet cable (may be used in setup, depending on your home Wifi)

(1) mounting kit including two screws and drywall anchors

(2) cable management clips


  • Mobile App download, available for iPhone, iPad or Android
  • FREE 6-month subscription to Cocoon Cam Insights 
  • FREE Cocoon Alerts included with your subscription

This product requires a 2.4Ghz Wifi connection, and a subscription


* Instant Alerts, the Breathing Graph, and Swaddle Stories are all part of your Cocoon Insights subscription. You get 6 months free with your purchase of one or more Cocoon Cam systems, and the subscription fee is $12.99/mo (per camera) after the initial free trial period. 

For more information, please visit our FAQ Page.